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happy-blueQuality commitment

happy liquid stands for the highest vaping quality, safety and innovation. With our continuous product improvements and research, we can guarantee our customers the best and safest vaping experience.

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happy-yellowFlavors & types

Currently, you can choose from over 50 unique flavors, from classic tobacco, to fruit flavors, to special editions.
Let us take your palate on a voyage of discovery in the world of vaping …

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happy-redDealer area

You have a specialty store for e-cigarettes or a tobacco shop and want to be part of the happy liquid family?
Learn more about working with us and how we can support you in your plans.

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The best liquids for e-cigarettes

happy liquid has stood for the highest quality and transparency since 2011. From day one, we have insisted on the absolute purity of the ingredients (USP, DAB). As first producer of e-liquids, we have always ensured the complete traceability of our products. happy liquid is the first manufacturer worldwide to use human lung cells in our (cruelty-free) product tests to ensure the safety of our customers. As the first manufacturer, we subjected our products to an Ames test and were able to prove that vaping has no mutagenic effect. In this way, we established a new standard for the protection of consumers – a standard that remains unmatched to this day. The flavors are permitted not only under food laws; they must also pass an extensive in-house quality test to ensure the taste and ingredients meet our standards.

All of our research results, analyses and certificates are easily accessible.

happy liquid will also stand for the best of vaping enjoyment at the highest level of quality in the future. We continue our work and research to this end. Get to know us: in your shop, at trade fairs or at scientific congresses.


We set new standards in e-liquid research. For safety, quality, taste and customer satisfaction.


You will find a wide range of flavors here: classic tobacco tastes, fine fruit flavors, creative sweets or even drinks. Hookah tobacco lovers will also get their money’s worth.

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