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We offer over 50 flavors

Our portfolio of e-liquid flavors runs from amaretto, to strawberry-menthol, to wild rose. Whether you prefer tobacco or fruit, we have the right taste for every palate. You can also relax with ouzo on a beach in Greece or visit Caribbean pirates with a rum-flavored liquid. And, of course, we have classics like vanilla, sweet woodruff and menthol.

Is your favorite flavor missing? We are continuously expanding our product range. Please contact us!

happy liquid has 4 nicotine levels

  • “zero” (0 mg nicotine) to enjoy the pure taste.
  • “light” (6 mg/ml) for low to normal nicotine requirements,
  • “medium” (12 mg/ml) for normal to moderate smokers and
  • “high” (18 mg/ml) for heavy cigarette consumers.

The various strengths are easily and safely recognizable in the individual label colors as well as the standard imprint.

Of course, we use only vegetable L-nicotine in its purest pharmaceutical quality for your nicotine consumption.


Each happy liquid consists of only 4 or 5 components:

  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)
  • Bi-distilled water
  • Flavor
  • Nicotine (except for “zero”)

Of course, we use only ingredients whose purity complies with the corresponding pharmacopoeias (DAB, Ph. Eur., USP). So you can rest assured that you can vape safely.

PG and VG products

We use 2 liquid bases for our products that we developed in-house:

PG bases (consist of 80% propylene glycol, 10% vegetable glycerin and 10% bi-distilled water)

VG bases (consist of 60% vegetable glycerin, 20% propylene glycol and 20% bi-distilled water)

In this way, we can guarantee the best vapor properties and the best flavor development for each of our flavor blends. The supplementary (PG) or (VG) or the label informs you of the particular blend used for a given flavor.

DIY products

Apart from the classic flavored e-liquids, happy liquid also offers you various base ingredients for you to blend yourself. These consist of 50% propylene glycol, 40% glycerin, 10% bi-distilled water, and nicotine as needed from 0 up to 2.4%. Of course, all ingredients are certified according to pharmacopoeia and are of the level of quality you expect from happy liquid.

Our bases are available in all our partner shops and online in 100 ml and 1000 ml formats.

If it says strawberry, it tastes like strawberry. It doesn't get any better.

Werner Maier

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Frequently asked questions

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    What e-liquids are particularly well-suited to making the change from cigarettes?

    Your personal preference is what matters here. People who are new to vaping, however, generally prefer tobacco flavors.

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    What is the difference between PG and VG e-liquids?

    PG e-liquids transport very fine flavors well. VG e-liquids dampen the intensity a little, which makes them more suitable for strong flavors.

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    How high is the consumption of e-liquids?

    The consumption is highly dependent on the hardware used and the individual habits of the consumer.

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    What nicotine strength is right for me?

    We recommend a "medium" e-liquid for normal smokers.
    Very heavy smokers need "high". You can simply take another draw or take less draws in order to obtain the perfect nicotine level for your body – something that you cannot do with a tobacco cigarette.