Quality: our benchmark from the start

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Our commitment to quality

From day one, happy liquid has offered its customers the best e-liquid on the market. A leader in flavor, we also set new standards for product quality.

All base substances are approved according to USP, DAB or Ph. Eur. The flavors comply with German food legislation, but we still test them for certain substances ourselves (diacetyl, ketones), since our demand for quality goes far beyond the legal requirements.

For example, our bi-distilled water is so pure that it meets the requirements for injectable medicines.

All of our basic substances are sourced in Germany, developed and processed into the finished e-liquid in Munich. “Made in Germany” is standard for us and is completely traceable.

Manufacturing and production

happy liquid manufactures its products according to strict pharmaceutical guidelines. Each ingredient is tested for suitability and purity before it is used in an e-liquid.

As the first e-liquid company, we have implemented comprehensive quality management; every e-liquid can be traced with the lot number.

Another innovation of ours was the creation of batch reports for end customers. happy liquid is the first company in the e-cigarette industry to offer its customers the option to check which substances are contained in a given e-liquid.

Examine all things; hold fast that which is good.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)
German poet, scientist and statesman

Analysis & certificates

All ingredients are analyzed and tested before use. Whether it is propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, or bi-distilled water.

The certificates of analysis confirm at each point in time the high level of quality necessary for human application.

In addition, happy liquid has had a toxicological report carried out, based on the TÜV analysis (“Technischer Überwachungsverein”, Technical Inspection Association). This confirms the purity and the safe use for inhalation.

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What should you look for when it comes to vaping?

There are a variety of options for vaping, from the selection of hardware (vaporizer, battery trays, coils) to the e-liquids. From classic tobacco flavors to fruity e-liquids, there are no limits to your imagination. When it comes to things that end up in your body, quality is of utmost importance.;

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    What do USP, DAB and Ph. Eur. mean?

    What do USP, DAB and Ph. Eur. mean?

    These are all names for the pharmacopoeias of different countries. These books define everything about a substance. In Germany, the "Deutsches Arzneibuch" (German Pharmacopoeia, or DAB) is often considered the standard. The European (Ph. Eur.) and the American (USP) are equivalent to that.

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    What is an analysis?

    In pharmacology and chemistry, an analysis examines the composition of a substance, be it liquid or solid. This way you can determine any impurities or changes. An analysis serves as a quality assurance.

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    Why bi-distilled water?

    Bi-distilled water differs from "normal" water through its extreme purity and the low conductance. It is suitable even for injection. It is produced by a double distillation, which not only kills all the bacteria, viruses and fungi, but completely destroys them. This is important, because even inactive cell components can trigger reactions in the body, such as fever, etc.

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    Why is quality such a priority for happy liquid?

    Because we ourselves vape, and because of the medical/pharmaceutical training of our founders.